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Southall Library Martinware theft

31 May 2005Written by ATG Reporter

Ealing Council are appealing for information on the theft of 16 pieces of Martin Brothers pottery from Southall Library in the early hours of Monday, May 23.

Professional thieves gained entry to the building by breaking through a double-glazed window in the first floor of the library at around 5am.

Among the pieces stolen in the raid were three of the studio’s distinctive bird jars, a grotesque hot-water jug or spoon warmer in form of a dragon and three face jugs.

The Martinware room of Southall Library will remain closed for approximately two weeks while replacement display cabinets are ordered.

Readers with any information on the theft should contact Ealing Borough’s Safer Homes Unit on 020 8246 9169 quoting crime reference number 251739 1/05.

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