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Sure he can make it there

22 September 2004Written by ATG Reporter

CHELSEA-based Paul Andrews has been a full-time dealer since 1965 and for the past 14 years has sold a wide range of antiques from 4000 square feet in the Furniture Cave in King’s Road, London SW10.

He has seen some changes over the years and admits it is tough at the moment.

But that does not stop Paul from expanding and he has just moved into a further 4000 square feet of selling space in the Art and Design Building, 1059 Third Avenue, New York City 10021. The showroom has been operated for some time by Claremont Fabrics, a contemporary fabrics concern owned by an associate of Paul Andrews.

That business will continue but as Paul said: “The fabrics have the wall space and I have the ground.”

He will continue with a wide range of antique stock in London but concentrate on Deco and Modern Design in Manhattan.

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