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Daimonomageia discussed…

10 June 2004Written by ATG Reporter

AN undated medical volume offered as part of a May 8 antiques sale held by Fieldings of Stourbridge brought a bid of £430.

The main part of the book, I am told, included all sorts of medical matters - including a cure for gum disease that involved the removal of the teeth and application of sugar - but it was a 39pp chapter or section found at the end of the main text, called Daimonomageia. A small treatise of sicknesses and diseases from witchcraft, and supernatural causes..., that seems to have attracted most interest.

There is, I gather, a reference to a relation of Mary Hall of Gadsden, who was reputed to be possessed of two devils in 1664, and I imagine that the treatise is a copy of the work by the apothecary and medical writer William Drage that was first published in 1665 in his Physical Nosonomy..., but whether the Stourbridge volume was a copy of this edition, or the work as it subsequently appeared as The Practice of Physick, or Physical Experiments, I cannot tell.

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