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Fewer stands? That’s a measure of Carmarthen success

07 July 2004Written by ATG Reporter

ONE of Wales’s premier regular antiques events, almost certainly the most popular, has its summer outing on the weekend of July 17 and 18 when The Carmarthen Antiques & Collectors’ Fair runs at the United Counties Showground.

As usual, some 170 exhibitors take up stands, and you may have noticed this number is a little down on a couple of years ago. Actually, this is a measure of the fair's success - it's because the exhibitors are taking bigger and bigger spaces.

Collectors and dealers know Carmarthen for its quirky variety. There are specialist dealers in such corners as vintage fishing equipment, wind-up gramophones and rural bygones alongside the staples like furniture, pictures and textiles.

Welsh ceramics, such as Swansea and Llanelly, are always strongly represented, but this month visitors will find an extensive collection of Ewenny pottery, specially brought together for this fair.

More than 50 examples, dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, will be offered at prices from £40 to £1200, including some rare examples of animals, as well as the more traditional decorative pieces associated with this Vale of Glamorgan pottery.

The Ewenny collection is offered by Robert Pugh, who with his wife Carol founded and still organises the Carmarthen fixtures under the name Towy Antiques Fairs. This is no real surprise, since until they became Towy the Pughs were well-known ceramics dealers and, indeed, last month was the first time they have not taken a stand at summer Olympia.

Dealing has taken a back seat to fair organising but you might see a little more of the Pughs wearing their dealers' hats in the near future; for a start they have booked a stand for the NEC's August Antiques For Everyone fair.

Admission is £3.50.

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