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More scam letters arrive in the mail

08 September 2003Written by ATG Reporter

Scam letters targeting small businesses continue to fall through the letterboxes of Britain’s antiques dealers.The Antiques Trade Gazette has warned in the past of the dubious practices of firms with official-sounding names who ‘offer’ to register dealers under the Data Protection Act for £95.

At least three more readers received mail last month from Sheffield-based Data Protection Agency Services, one of a number of companies condemned by the Information Commissioner for trying to scare businesses into paying unnecessary fees for what is a straightforward service. As we reported before, businesses who keep records of people and companies must register under the Data Protection Act but can do so directly with the commissioner for £35.

Readers are also advised to ignore letters requesting help and offering financial incentives to transfer large sums of money from bank accounts in the Third World into Europe.

Although familiar to regular users of email, these occasionally convincing letters are now being sent to UK addresses by mail, often in handwritten envelopes.

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