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Christie’s Rock and Roll Memorabilia

09 December 2003Written by ATG Reporter

Christie’s Rock and Roll Memorabilia by Peter Doggett and Sarah Hodgson, published by Pavilion Books/Chrysalis Books. ISBN 1862055386 £25hb

NOW that Madonna has taken to writing children's books, wearing floral frocks and looking earnest in specs, presumably her black bustier days are over - and what of that small star Geri Halliwell, whose Union Jack stage outfit worn for the Brit Awards in 1997, which sold for £41,430 at Sotheby's London a few years ago?

Rock and pop memorabilia has moved out of the collectables arena and into the mainstream auction houses, with the most exclusive items being associated with legends both alive and dead, aka the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix. And then there are the one-offs: £234,750 for Elton John's 1993 Jaguar XJ220 Christie's 2001; £134,713 for Eric Clapton's prized 1954 Fender Strocaster at Christie's US in 1999.

Sarah Hodgson is head of the Popular Entertainment department at Christie's London, while Peter Doggett is the department's consultant. This book looks at all the important areas of the market including autographs and manuscripts, rare recordings and records, costumes and personal effects, gold discs, posters and printed material, paintings and cartoons. Lots of anecdotes and lists of top ten highest priced items by category on this thriving market with its high, high prices.

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