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A small scoop that adds to the overall picture

04 March 2002Written by ATG Reporter

The Caddy Spoon in the 20th Century, published by the Society of Caddy Spoon Collectors, Upper Nordens Clinic, Royal Oak Lane, High Hurstwood, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 4AN, price £12.60 including p&p.

DEDICATED to the memory of the society’s founder, Eric Delieb, this little book aims to illustrate that, although in the 19th century tea was available to all, or as the introduction charmingly says, it “came within the financial reach of the common man”, craftsmen continued to produce caddy spoons in the 20th century which have aesthetic and intrinsic value, sought after and collected, particularly in the collectables and commemoratives fields.

The book covers Liberty and related makers, with pages on Omar Ramsden, Alwyn Carr, AE Jones and copyists, and there is a page on lady silversmiths, with an exquisite caddy spoon inset with a cornelian and made by Arts and Crafts jeweller Sybil Dunlop in 1928. Guilds and schools are included and there is a page on modern British makers.

There are black and white and colour illustrations, although these are unlabelled, which makes the keyed text confusing for identification.

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