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Table-top treasures…

12 March 2001Written by ATG Reporter

Two titles from Shire – both, amazingly, £2.95… Old Sheffield Plate by Anneke Bambery ISBN 0852639651. Board and Table Game Antiques by R.C. Bell ISBN 0852635389.

WHEN she was assistant keeper of Applied Art at Sheffield City Museum, the author worked with a famous collection of Old Sheffield Plate and in her book she explains what Old Sheffield Plate is and how this method of silver plating differs from other techniques; she describes the manufacturing process and outlines the history of the trade. One chapter helps readers to identify Old Sheffield Plate by describing its characteristic features and makers’ marks.

High on the collectables list are board and table game antiques, and this little book offers a ‘did-you-know-that?’ background. The oldest gaming board was made of clay and found with 11 conical pieces at a pre-dynastic cemetery near Abydos in Egypt; playing cards are said to have been invented to relieve the boredom of the ladies at the court of the Chinese emperor Hui Tsung AD1100-25. Quite a few objects not instantly recognisable out of context find a mention here and Mr Bell discusses some construction techniques.

Both books offer an excellent ‘Early Learning’ approach to their subjects.

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