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A rare pack turns up trumps at £950

12 March 2001Written by ATG Reporter

UK: A TYPICAL mammoth offering of 1463 lots at the Norfolk rooms’ collectors’ sale included something for just about anyone buying on a modest budget – and, as usual, a few unexpected bidding battles.

One such was over four packs of playing cards. They had some age, being George III, and carried the pre-Victorian duty payable on cards stamped on each ace of spades – a considerable 1s 6d (71/2p) in this case.

But what made the plain paper backed cards with three replacements was the rarity of the manufacturer – Hunt & Sons – and against an estimate of £50-60 the packs sold to a collector at £950.

The market looked buoyant for pond yachts with a late Victorian wooden example, Iris, with lead keel and five sails bringing a specialist bid of £510.

Dating pond yachts can be problematic with entries, such as a second wooden pond yacht, broadly catalogued as vintage.

Although it lacked mast and sails, it brought £380 against a £50-60 guideline.

More of use in the middle of the ocean than in the middle of
a pond was a 19th century 4in (10cm) refracting telescope, 4ft 3in (1.30m) long. Together with a wooden tripod and brass tripod, it fetched a double-estimate £410.

Aylsham Salerooms, February 15
Buyer’s premium: 10 per cent
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