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The Gaudy show goes on

05 March 2001Written by ATG Reporter

UK: FOLLOWING these Surrey room’s Gaudy Welsh extravaganza last November, a further 40 pieces featured in their 500-lot January sale.

A pair of colourfully enamelled Gaudy Welsh wall pockets led the way selling to a collector at £510 despite old restoration.

The name Gaudy Welsh derives from the fact that the ceramics all have a lustre finish – hence gaudy – and that they were particularly popular with Welsh buyers emigrating to America in the 19th century.

Also catering for specialist tastes were six advertising signs from a private collection. Advertising such pre-War favourites as McVitie’s, rollmop herrings and Dandy Shandy, the biggest money came for Spratt’s
silvercloud ground bait at £180.

Among the more prosaic furniture an 8ft wide (2.4m) Victorian mahogany four-section wardrobe with plain exterior but fitted with trays and drawers, was taken up by a West Country dealer apparently specialising in wardrobes, at £1700.

Crow’s Auction Gallery, Dorking, January 31
Buyer’s premium: 10 per cent

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